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Alice Hawkins

Alice Hawkins

Press Coverage

Jeremy Vine Show - 13th April 2011

In April 2011 great-grandson Peter Barratt was invited to the BBC Radio Two studios as a guest on the lunchtime Jeremy Vine show. Listen to the discussion here.

Family History Monthly - February 2011

In their February issue Family History Monthly ran a four page article on Alice and this website. It can be downloaded it as a PDF here.

Practical Family History - June 2010

This month’s issue of Practical Family History ran an article about the launch of our website. In fact they were so impressed with it that they gave it a full page and included photographs and a brief history of Alice. You can download the PDF here.

The Sun - 21st April 2010

In April The Sun newspaper published an article about Alice and the importance of using your vote. They interviewed Kate Barratt; Alice’s great-great-grand-daughter and four women who were disillusioned with voting.

iPM - 23rd January 2010

In January the BBC once again interviewed a descendant of Alice. This time it was for the Radio 4 programme iPM. Peter Barratt was asked what he would say to people who feel that their vote doesn’t count.

Woman’s Hour - 24th April 2009

In 2007 the BBC interviewed descendants of Alice for a Radio 4 Woman’s Hour feature, ‘A suffragette in the family’. This proved to be a popular feature, being repeated on the programme in September 2009.

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