Alice Hawkins Suffragette - a Sister of Freedom
Alice Hawkins

Alice Hawkins

Audio Recordings

Alys Metcalf

Alys Metcalf

Actress Alys Metcalf brings Alice’s memorabilia to life by narrating the following items:

Companions In Disgrace

Polling Booth

A favourite postcard poem of Alice’s:

A humorous postcard from Genie Bale; a fellow suffragette.

Postcard from Genie Bale

A humorous postcard from a fellow suffragette:

Alice's Prison Notes

Prison Notes

Alice’s prison notes from Holloway jail, February 1907:

Letter to Alice from Slyvia Pankhurst with condolences on the death of her son, Tom.

Condolence Letter

A moving letter of condolence from Emily
Pankhurst on the sudden loss of a son:

Nana was a Suffragette

The song ‘Nana was a Suffragette’ is reproduced by kind permission of Jules Gibb. Written by Jules for the opening ceremony of The Pankhurst Centre in 2002, it is sung by a cappella groups around the world:

Alice's Votes For Women sash

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